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Nov 26 - Going Home soon


It's Monday, Nov 26 about 11 AM (10 hours difference, so 1:00 am Monday ay home).  Our plane home is on Tuesday night (actually Wednesday at 1:02 AM).  We get to Frankfurt early AM, the after a 5 hour layover, we arrive in Dallas about 2:30 PM.  Confused about the time.  Us too.

Patty and Aimee were to go shopping this morning with Hannah and her mother, and me tagging along.  I woke this morning with a weak stomach and Hannah's mother had a bad migraine last night.  So Patty and Aimee went alone this morning.

My day to catch up on the pictures and journal on the soltesweb website.

Later that day, we were invited to the home of a Jordanian workmate of Gary's.  His brother actually lived only about a 5-minute drive from where we were. He was there with two brothers, a sister, mother and father.  They prepared a feast for us, and we enjoyed the evening with them a lot.




Nov 27-29 - home

Prepared for home, traveled to airport in Abu Dhabi, flew to Frankfurt, spent 5+ hours early morning next day waiting for flight to Dallas, had friends pick us up at DFW, went to Supper with them at Buco di Beppo, and came home to sleep...


Next morning, we were greeted with some sunshine, cool weather and fall colors...



Now we're are home for a few weeks before travelling to OK for Christmas with family.  Gary and Aimee will be coming from Abu Dhabi, Fiona is coming from Nashville, and Brady and Jan and their kids will be coming too, as well as other family ambers.

On the next page are some pics of the construction across the street of Aimee and Gary's place.  We a front row seat.


Thanks you for sharing this adventure with us.  We love hearing from you. 

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