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School and Road Construction


Here are pictures of the road and school construction across the street.

I had ringside view of what was happening.  Some pictures taken form the third floor of the condo.  The pic on the right is the school that is being constructed.  Will try to get better pictures before we leave.




Nov 12

Watch that sand pile grow the next few days as they dig out the foundation.  Road is being constructed also.







View of other condos in this complex called Sahara Villa



Oggie likes to see, too!






Nov 17




Putting the pipe together.  Generator, Hydraulic.  These are really workers taking a break.



Road bed being finished



Nov 19

Starting to mark out curbs.  Road ready.




Nov 21



Nov 22



  Dubai, Abu Dhabi, IRELAND?


Nov 24- Concrete's here


about 12 men with shovels and pick here to help with the concrete work.






      some sort of wood forms?


Nov 27 - last chance to see progress


Down to the wire.  Took these additional pictures today.

   starting to dig on the other end... an underpass?  water lines?  we'll find out when we return


meanwhile the piles of sand gets bigger..




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