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still Nov 23 - the Etihad towers and Ray's Bar


outside the Palace looking at the towers.  We're going to Ray's Bar for supper ... on the 62nd floor of one of these towers.  Great pic with moon and UAE flag.




Wow..what's not to look at?




The lobby of the tower






And up to the 62nd.  "Do not use lift in case of fire" ? Walk down 62+ floors?




Here's our view






and our table









         aren't those women beautiful?

and here's our food.  A bottle of wine and finger food on the 62nd floor.  Surreal.



the wash sinks in the men's bathroom, and a reclining dinner table by the window



much to look at



in the elevator going down (sigh!)



We all thought we liked this one better than the Maserati that was parked here earlier



Do these pictures say it all? how much we enjoyed today?




Nov 24 - Home Party


Tonight, one of the Jordanian men that Gary works with, came to supper with his parents and brother.  We had a barbeque with chicken, hamburgers and steak, accompanied by potato salad, Rotel and cheese, chips ad dip, and more.



They came with these desserts.




Nov 25 - Reem Island, Sky and Sun Towers


Took a trip down to Reem Island where Gary works in the Sky Tower.  This area has much construction of large buildings.

On the way there, we can see these in the distance



passing through downtown

All of the LuLu's are owned by am Indian doctor who also erected the many malls that have LuLu hypermarkets.






Here are the Sky and Sun towers, elliptical in shape, about 90 degrees apart.


Inside the Sky tower, here is one of the men's bathrooms


    I should add that  there are other stalls that are American in design


Here is the grocery store inside the Tower. English. Tomatoes from South Africa, Mexico and Holland!



Hot foods, ready to eat


Artisan bread and pastries




Fish and many types of ramen noodles


Did you know they made this many kinds of Spam?  This was inside a closed off portion of the store for non-Muslims, where pork products are sold.



Back on the street, a few parting shots.  The last one in this row is the University de Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.  There are 6 Universities n Abu Dhabi.















  I'm throwing these in to show that it isn't only Dubai that has big buildings. Most of these here are being engineered and built by Hong Kong investors. Remember also that in the works here at Abu Dhabi Yas Island is the world's largest Guggenheim Museum, a Louvre museum and a large National History museum.  But, Dubai may have the last laugh.  In the paper yesterday, it was announced that Dubai may be building the world's largest mall - containing 100 HOTELS, and a Universal Studios theme park.   I can't imagine.

Money flows in strange ways.  An article about a UAE silicon firm, a wholly owned subsidiary of another company, stated that its revenues increased 11% to $24 billion US this year, and that at this rate of growth "it may be profitable next year", when it will be put up for as a public offering. Huh?


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