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Nov. 18 - Corniche, Abu Dhabi


Remember this picture? This park area is called the Corniche.  We went there today. Found a restaurant in the area a kilometer or so on the right at the Family Swimming Beach #3, and had a great lunch.



Here are some buildings we saw along the way.




Then we came to Al Wahda Mall, and stopped for some things at H&M, Patty and Aimee's favorite store.




Note the inside parking garage. You can look down a row, and the green lights tell you that spaces there are available, red means they are occupied.  At each intersection, a counter sign tells you how many spaces are available on the right and the left.


  Christmas trees for sale in the mall.



After that, we took a taxi to the Corniche.






You see those buildings in the background being built.  See here close-ups.  Can you imagine working at that angle?




Here we are at the restaurant.  Patty and Aimee were sharing a watermelon slush.  We ate Bang Bang - they shared a chiabatta sandwich and I had it with noodles .. This dish had chicken, salad, cukes, peanut sauce and Thai chili.   There's the beach.




We stopped back at the mall before going home to pick up supper at the Beirut restaurant.  Barbequed chicken, spicy chicken, beef cube, beef paste, with pita bread, hummus, garlic sauce, watercress salad and other yummy stuff.  I'm gaining weight!

Remember this building?  This time more of the window "shutters" were open.


Nov 20 - Al Wahda Mall, again

Girls went shopping, then met me at the Gloria Jeans coffee shop on the top floor.  Had a nice citiscape view (through the dirty glass walls).




Expansive.  Don't know what they were trying to suggest in this window treatment.



One of these buildings coming home.  We used to see the outside glass walls, but it appears the floors are floating inside.




Nov 21 - Thanksgiving Day


Patty wrote this in email today.

It's T Day morning here already......and will be when you wake up.    So have a good one!
We thought of trying to make a turkey but opted for going out for good Indian cuisine instead.  Can't get that in Lindale/Tyler:)    Went swimming in the Arabian Gulf yesterday. The water is turquoise like in Florida, and because there are outlying islands there are no waves here near Abu Dhabi.   It's in the low 80's.  Everyone says it's the best season of the year for weather here.....Nov -Feb?

Have a BEST Thanksgiving ever!!!

Ed and Patty

Nov 22 - Mayzad Mall and the Indian Palace Restaurant

Actually Thanksgiving day at home most of today.  Decided to go to Mayzad mall, closest mall, and have Indian food for supper.  You remember this mall?  The one with Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts on the second floor?




Patty and Aimee dealing with the vendors.




The Indian Palace.  We decided it was probably the best restaurant to date .




Happy Campers!



Nov 22 - Dalma Mall


Off to Dalma Mall this morning to the Carrefour hypermarket to get supplies or the dinner party tomorrow.  They are called hypermarkets here because in reality they are generally bigger than supermarkets.


On the way...the first building, sporting a Longhorn emblem, no windows, is common.  It often hides coolers for AC's when close to big buildings, water facilities, other public needs.  The second is interesting - at night, the top of the structure is bright bllue.



 The Carrefour market is in the Dalma mall.  the first pic is a map of the mall.  Tim Horton's? A popular coffee shop in Canada,






MUCH of everything in the market.  Prepared foods ready to go....





Chili peppers and spices...





Should have taken pics of the meat department - beef and lamb from all parts of the world including Brazil, NZ ad Australia.


Nov 23 - cont, to the Emirates Palace and the Etihad Tower

We heard the Palace was having an art show with Picasso, Chagall, etc., so what better place to start our evening before going "across the street" to Ray's Bar on the 62nd floor of one of the Etihad towers (there are four of the towers) for supper.

On the way downtown, the famous leaning building.  Is that wild?


Closer to the Palace



the gate ,,,it changes colors




the palace - one of the first things you notice - all of the wall clocks are Rolex's.  Gold walls, gold columns, gold tiles, gold everywhere.








Of course, music as well..


we're told the art collection is downstairs - we look for it.  Turns out the art collection is inside this exclusive restaurant (what is exclusive not here, shops inside the palace are Chanel, Rodeo, and the like). The restaurant won't open until 7 pm, so they first won't let us in.  BUT, Gary sweet talks us into seeing the collection inside.




Here is some of the art on the walls of the restaurant.






Inside the restaurant...






There's going to be a special event at the Mezzaluna restaurant on Tuesday the 27th.  Opera singers and Italian food.  Here's the menu.  Only 450+ service Dirham per person (1 US$ = 3.67 D).  It's going to be held outside.





Back outside the restaurant, we walk around to se the art objects for sale at Barakat.  These are old 400BC to about 400AD.




Oh,oh's getting to be 7...stopped and looked at the world's largest natural pearl bigger than an egg, attached into this gold statue.





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