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November 11 - Patty's email


Here's what Patty sent to family and friends today in here journal email:


We are now in Abu Dhabi with Aimee and Gary.  We've been here over a week and will stay until Nov 28.  We are 10 hours ahead of you in time so when it's 8am for's already 6pm here.

This is a very oil rich country and the city here is a little over 2 million.  It's very spread out so it doesn't feel crowded and Aimee and Gary have a nice condo with an extra bedroom and bath for guests.  We get to be the first ones:)   There is a nice exercise room and swimming pool available   to residents of the complex. So we've enjoyed that, too.   

The weather has been warm ....about 90 day and 70 night.  But it is dry so not much sweating:) Actually it's weird because it also gets quite humid in the afternoons.  Yesterday the High was 91/ humidity 91 and the night's low was 50/humidity 45.

Lots of new things to see and experience.  Went to the Mosque today.  It's the 3rd largest in the world.  A beautiful building exquisitely decorated.  It reminds you that so many have never heard of our Jesus.  

There are people from many nations here.  American, British, Australian, South African accents are common, and a lot of the work force consist of people from India, Thailand, and the Philippines.  They say that 80% of the population are foreigners.   The emirates receive oil money from the government, but I understand they also work and value education.  It is ultra modern here.  The country and the city are both very young.....maybe less than 50 years so most everything is newly built.  There is construction everywhere.!  Lots of sand to make concrete and glass into beautiful structures.  

Beautiful architecture!  One building is made to lean like the leaning tower of Pisa, others twist as they go up.  Friday we went to Dubai to the world's tallest building.  There are over 200 floors but visitors can only go up to the 124th.   Oh my, what a view!  The elevator only takes 39 seconds to go that many floors.  It is actually a different mall where they have the indoor ski slope.  I think we go there next weekend.  Dubai is about an hour away.

FOOD.  You know that is always a fun part of traveling.  There are so many kinds of foods and restaurants.  Going the food court at the mall is a blast........Lebanese, Indian, Greek, Middle East, Arabic and of course American and Mexican.  They have Pizza Hut, KFC, Mc D's, Burger King, Chili's, Applebee's, and Texas Roadhouse.  The grocery store is fun, too.

We are enjoying being here.  The first week was a little rough as we adjusted to the time change, but it is getting much better.  

Probably you can look Abu Dhabi up on Google and find some pictures, if you would like.
Also, Ed has been putting pictures of our adventure on 

Patty and Ed


Nov 12 - Girls dressed up





Nov 14 - Night out at Chamas - a Brazilian meat restaurant

Night out at Chamas - a Brazilian restaurant in the Intercontinental hotel of Abu Dhabi.  This is one where they give each of a coaster which is red on one side and green on the other.  As long as the coaster is green, they keep bringing in the meat - different beef steaks and ribs, lamb leg, kebabs, duck, etc.15 of them.   When you are full, or want a rest, you turn over your coaster to red.  Included is a great salad bar, soups, breads, desserts...

We sat outside besides the marina with a gorgeous view of modern buildings.





Dressed up again....





We were stuffed, but surprisingly, we had room for chocolate mousse cake and cheesecake...

Did we mention we met Joe and Hannah there?





November 15 - Drive to Dubai for shopping at the local bazaar


Here are some pics of driving into Dubai.   It's not that Abu Dhabi doesn't have buildings like this, but that those in Dubai are on the main road (hwy 11) to Dubai.  Most of these were taken through the car window or windscreen travelling at 100-120 kph.


Rapid transit along highway and typical subway stations.








Soon, the Burj comes into view.  It really dominates.







The building with the golfball on top (hiding satellite dishes) is the Etisalat tower (several of those with golfballs), one of the local internet/telephone companies.




Here we are at one of the bazaars.  These guys are barkers.  Hard to get past them.






Later we went into exclusive shops where blackmarket watches and purses were sold.

On the way to the supermarket - called Safestway.






The first picture is not a postcard. Clouds, usually mostly absent, were perfect today for pictures.




In the grocery store, there is NO shortage of anything.




On the way out and going home to Abu Dhabi.  Other side of the street. Look at the shapes of these buildings.




The first pic is of the Burj Al Arab  - the world's only 7-star hotel.  The second is of a tower with a twist towards the top!



Sorry if these pictures are starting to bore you.  I just wanted a record of some of all that I could see.


Nov 16 - Desert Safari


Saw this ad, couldn't resist..


Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi And Abu Dhabi Evening Desert safari Tour

This tour departs in the afternoon across the desert of Abu Dhabi with several photo-stops during an exciting dune bashing in a 4x4 SUV.  This drive continues across the desert.  We stop to watch the beautiful sunset before reaching our campsite where you have the opportunity to do a camel ride, sand-boarding and try out a henna design on hand or feet.  After working up an appetite, enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner and shisha (the famous Arabic water pipe).  Before returning to Abu Dhabi, watch our belly dancer performing her show around the campfire by starlight.

We were picked up in a LexuLX470 4x4 at the mall, and transported to the site at 140 kph (85 mph), .the legs speed limit, by our driver, Ali,  who knew his way around. Ali was doing this for the past 6 years, this time of year approximately 5 times a week.  The driver had already picked up two young women from Kazakhstan who were air attendants. With Aimee, Patty and Gary, and the driver, we were 7 in the SUV.

Here's what we saw when we made our first stop - desert.




    taking out excess air form the tires...









The desert is spectacular.  The ride was exhilarating.  Up, down, sideways as never before in a vehicle - usually travelling very fast as well










in the desert, a camel gives birth, and the remains of one that didn't make it.





Stopped to look at camels



 Patty found out that camels like to have their scalp tickled, just like Oggie, Aimee's dog.







One larger camel (female) was having fun corralling her younger cares.


Sunset coming, Ali with Patty



Inside the compound



Still tie for a camel ride.  Here is the sequence with Gary and Aimee.







we enjoyed it as well.




Our table.




Drinks?  Recognize Fresca Orange and Coca Cola? next one?




Patty and Aimee get some henna markings.  Food ready,  Our food at the table.



Time for shisha



Men dancing,  First the Syrians, then then men from here.



we did a little dance, too


Last, but not least, the belly dancer.



How's that for an afternoon?  Not to mention the fast ride home.


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