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Nov 9 - Dubai mall and Burj , continued


Food at the mall - one of my favorite subjects

Date sweets, gelato and Nutella cake









The Mall:







The waterfall




Jewel cases for iPhones:






Christmas trees




skating rinks and glass roofs





This is not an ATM machine - it dispenses GOLD!




You'll need some of that gold for thee shops:






and an aquarium







Now to the Burj .Our ticket.  Got on the internet the day before. When we got there at 11:30 am, the next available time was 4 hours away,: Still waited in line for over 1/2 hour both going up and coming down.\

The last picture here in the waiting room, compares the Burj with other tall buildings around the world. The story about the name: Sheikh Khalifa is president of UAE, and an Abu Dhabi resident.  Although Dubai has had much glamor, it is running ou of oil, and it is Abu Dhabi that has the money from oil for a very long time into the future.  When the Burj under construction ran out of funds, it was Khalifa that "sponsored" the debt, so it is named after him.  His family is worth an estimated 37.5 billion.  He is the son of the first president and founder of UAE, Sheikh Zayed, so his name is Sheikh Khalifa ben Zayed.  Zayed is buried at the Sheikh Zayed mosque.  Khalifa and his younger brother, Mohammed bin Zayed,  run the UAE.







some pictures taken during construction

yes - that's a pictures of the elevator ready to go down -we went up from floor 40 to 124 in 39 seconds!  The building is actually more than 200 stories,






       That's the building from the top and from below

















A gold tea pot and the Souk, where you can shop in Arabic stores








  a happy day.  Gary and I were also.



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