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Tuesday, July 24, continued


Falls at Cross River:













Other sites along Rt 61 before coming to Grand Marais:
























 Colorful house and the clear water of Lake Superior.









Grand Marais

We loved this place.  Patty liked it so much (so Did I) that she was even wondering if we could spend a summer here sometime, possibly volunteering or working part-time.

We heard about this place to eat - the Angry Trout, and had a table outside with a great view of the harbor.



















Walking in the village after lunch, we enjoyed the look of the local shops.  Many home and shop colors, Sven and Ollie?, and a great museum.





















Other things we saw:












We should have taken more pictures. These cannot give you the sense of the place.  We enjoyed walking on the pier and beach.  The lake is so big, it feels like the ocean. The waves fool you too.


From here in Grand Marais, it was still relatively early, so we decided to tackle the Gunflint Trail - a backroad that takes us literally to the end of the road - miles north to the boundary waters a few miles from Canada.  We stayed on the trail until the end - a Forest Service campground called Trail's End. Here are some pictures along the way.


























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