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Monday, July 23 - Goosebury Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse and Tettegouche

First stop today was Gooseberry Falls State Park.  We had earlier paid for an annual state park pass so we could day-visit the state parks.  THis is a beautifull park with nice visitor center, three waterfalls, lots of hiking, and several great CCC buildings and structures.













































  This notice reminded of the bird banding experience wr had in the Yukon in June 2005. Can you find that entry?  good pictures of Patty holding birds like this.








Further up the road, we came to a wayside with a great view of Split Rock Lighthouse.  Actually, this was the best picture we had of the lighthouse because we did not want to pay the $9 each to tour the place.  The lighthouse is now pictures on the Minnesota state map as it is celebrating its 100th birthday. Many visitors there today.  Which of the following three pictures do you like best?  That's the problem (opportunity?) with a camera with a long zoom lens.
















  Taken on a hike down to the lake shore.









A little further up 61 at Beaver Bay, you came to another place where teconite had been loaded onto ships.












In the next state park, Tettegouche, we hiked again to the shore and saw this magnificent scene.  The canoe in the first picture reminds us of what happened after we took the picture.  The owner of the canoe came down, turned it over in the water, filled the canoe with water, sat on it filled with water and then explained that he was told that you could not sink this canoe and saw this moment to verify this warranty.













We spent the night at a forest service campground called Eckbeck near Finland, a small town a few miles in from the lake.


Tuesday, July 24 - On the way to Grand Marais

Next up - Temperance River Gorge of the state park of the same name, near Tofte.  Beautiful falls, beautiful beach area and nicest picnic area.









Looking left and then right.






















Then, Cascade River State Park.  Now you know why we bought an annual pass to the state parks.  Otherwise, each of these have a $5 daily pass fee.  Nice shore and a pleasant trail.

























More to come this day on the next page....


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