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Feb 17, continued


Today, Friday, we went to Elberta and Foley to visit three museums.  The first museum was the Baldwin County Heritage Museum in Elberta, next the Railroad museum and Medical museum in Foley.


The Heritage Museum had lots of stuff, mostly of the WWII era.  Some great picture quilts:




hand tools:























The Railroad museum and Medical Museum 9, both on the corner ot HWY's 98 and 59, were both good (no pictures).

We heard of a nature walk in the park on Cedar street and found it.  Lots to see here.























large coy fish:












and turtles (large snapping and smaller slider):














Later, we went to the bowling alley, to eat gumbo and shrimp po-boys.  Patty and Terry had a game of bowling.


Feb 18


Rain. rain.  Saw the Model railroad in Foley L&N station.  Quite a setup.





















Many working models.  Here a building fire, others: a car wash, a drive-in theatre, a fast food with carhop on skates, fire truck coming out of firehouse, etc.










Later north to the Loxley produce market, and the Cajun meat store (for boudin and green onion sausage).  Raining hard, so visited Camping World, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe's on the way home. 


Feb 19

Gulfway church again this week, and lunch at a chinese restaurant in Gulf Shores.  I guess we were tired of all our gallavanting, so we came home.


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