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Feb 11

On Saturday we went to a local cheese maker that uses only their own organic milk from their own Guernsey cows. I think the people are Mennonite and they began in 1985. They had about 15 to 20 different kinds and are they yummy! They have a great business. They are only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am until 5pm. We went at about 1:00 and stood in line at least 30 minutes, and when we came out, the line was longer than when we went in. It wasn't cheap but boy is it good.

The work at the camp is progressing beautifully. So many volunteers...it's amazing. Busy , busy. I start to say like worker bees and thought of the fire ants that are here. Their mounds can be at least one foot tall. They are serious.! We also had our first introduction to "no.see.ums". They are brutal, and it's true, you almost can't see them. They feel like you're being stuck with a straight pin....and there are lots of them:) They pass through the screens into the camper. But I guess they're still not as bad as chiggers.


This is a panoramic view of the campsite we are in at Camp Baldwin.














Feb 12


We went to the Gulfway Assembly of God church this morning, then to the Wild Horse restaurant for a buffet lunch.  This restaurant, in Foley, Alabama, will give a second buffet free to anyone coming in on Sunday with a church bulletin.


Feb 13


Wow! Ed told me that if I ever started up with internet , I'd be surprised how much time it could use up. I do love writing back and forth, and besides I have been wrapped up with the work and fun and new friends that are here at the camp.
Gotta go. The camp is treating all the volunteers to an early Valentines dinner. So all of you have a special Valentines Day. And remember that it is our God who is the true essence of LOVE. John 3:16!!!!!!

Here are the four couples:










Alice and Terry                                   Chuck and Terri











Carolyn and Dennis                                        Ed and Patty

Feb 14

Being Valentine's day, we got together tonight to exchange stories of how we met each other, and gave short testimonies.  The ladies made some good munchies, and Terry and Alice also gifted us with a package of Lindt truffles.

Feb 17

Today is not a work day for Sowers, so I got some pictures before we headed off to town.  A rainy day for most of it andf quite cool.











This above is an existing building, Magnolia, next to the building we are working on, shown below.











We painted the 1x4's in the first picture (lots of them), and nailed them for batten boards, window and door trim.























We painted these tongue and groove boards for the ceilings:



































The ladies helped with painting a few mornings, but were primarily used to strip and clean the motel-type rooms used by the campers, as well as assorted jobs as needed.


This is the end of the second week of the Sower project, with one more week to go.  We'll report on that work later. 


Did we show this to you before?



Great buffet....










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