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Feb 20


Mardi Gras! Tomorrow, but we have to work, not a holiday for Sowers.  BUT, there was a small Mardi Gras "parade" at the Wharf in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores this afternoon at 5, so we hustled down for our share of beads....




Here, the place before the parade.








Then, all kinds of craziness...
























Did we get enough beads?







Feb 22

Here's what Patty wrote to her fellow soujourners (weekly email from her iPad) today:

"It really did rain cats and dogs here this last weekend.!!  The men continue to be able to work on the building.  Ed has been feeling the old muscles complaining. Lots of up and down the ladder and nailing overhead tongue and groove boards for the ceiling. He certainly sleeps well at night.

"In spite of the rain we did get to enjoy three local museums: a Heritage Museum, a Medical Museum and a small gage railroad museum.  Overall a good day, but we do keep hoping for a day that will let us go down and bury our toes in the sand at the beach and just be lazy:)

"Yesterday evening(Mon) we went to a small Mardi Gras parade.  The big ones on Saturday were cancelled for rain.  It was good for us because it was little, but we did get the feel of it and were able to snag our share of beads:)

"This is our last work week.  We are starting to consider a plan for our return journey.

"Remember to walk in all the Joy and Blessings that our Lord has poured out on us!"

Tonight, the whole group (Sowers and several COMer's working at this project) are going to Applebee's Restaurant for a fellowship meal together.


Feb 23

Last day working at Camp Baldwin.  We'll stay here a few days more (Monday, Tuesday?) using this as a home base to see some more of this part of Alabama.  The Sowers ministry and host projects allow volunteers to stay hooked up until the next batch iof Sowers arrives (group Leader on the following Thursday, with the rest on Friday or Saturday) . This has been a fun project, one that kept us quite busy and sleeping well.

Feb 25

Spent the day at the Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum.  Took lots of pictures. Had a great guide, Ed, for about 2 hours.  A Korean war veteran, a navy Chief, and a historian who has published naval stories, knew more than he could say on the WWII and Korean period.  Totally delightful and rewarding.


Many airplanes of varied vintage: 
































Home of the Blue Angels.  Also, many paintings:














Many WWII scenes:

































Inverted V12 engine.










President's helicopter:












Many more pictures taken.  A must-see museum.


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