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Feb 4

With another Sower couple from Alberta Canada, Terry and Alice, we drove south to Hwy 182, and west all the way to Fort Morgan at the end of the spit.  We spent a few hours checking out these amazingly white beaches.  Lots of seashells to be had and quite a few man-o-war jellyfish washed up on the sand.  They are only about 4 inches across on their bladder-looking body which is hued bluish with some purple.  Very pretty. Their tentacles can be a couple of feet long, and they say that they are still very dangerous and painful if you step on them even as they are up on the sand. 























Just before Fort Morgan is the ferry to Dauphin Island.  There were seveal drilling rigs nearby.














Also nearby is a wetlands nature trail on the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. There were a variety of birds and plants to see, but the most interesting thing we saw was a land turtle laying her eggs in the hole she had dug.  She would sit there and rock and roll her shell around and then out would pop another whitish egg.  Too interesting!  Patty's brother says that could be called "voyeurism":)   She was the main attraction along the trail and didn't seem to mind a bit. She had a job to do and it was getting done! In the picture on the right of the turtle, you can see how she hid the spot when she was finished laying her eggs.
































Feb 5

This morning we attended a non-denominational church nearby.  It is truly good to experience our Lord in various places and through various people.  Sweet people loving God. 

We are ready and anxious to start our work week tomorrow.  We love the traveling and sightseeing, but our hearts delight is to serve the Kingdom and be a blessing on our projects.

 Feb 8

Sunshine! A lot of our trip had been overcast with outbursts of rain on occasion. But now we are to have a good run of sun with the temps running from 55-65.....good working weather.

The building project here is quite large. There is a conference room with adjacent motel type rooms. During the summer that is very busy with youth camps the rooms will be outfitted with bunk beds, and later exchanged for two double beds for adult conferences the rest of the year. /They already have housing available for a lot of kids.. Many youth come to know the Lord here.  They said about 200 received Jesus as their Savior last summer.

The men are currently siding the building, while others are putting in a/c , plumbing and electric on the inside. Ed and another man are rolling paint on the concrete board as fast as they can to keep up with the installers. Yesterday he was installing the metal sleeves that hold the under the window heater /a/c units like you see in motel rooms. One slipped in his hands and he received a really nasty slice across his right index finger. It bled a lot off and on throughout the day, but it didn't cut through any tendons, than God. Today it is a little swollen, but he was able to work albeit carefully.

We ladies started out with a bang. Mondays are cleaning day. The rooms need to be cleaned after the weekend retreats. Yes, bathrooms and all. Probably falls near the category of foot-washing. God has to give you the grace for it:) We finished that project so today two ladies worked on craft projects in the gift shop, and two of us put putty in nail holes around door facings. It was enjoyable. I like doing almost anything that requires me to be outside. Those who live near me or have worked with me all know that know about me:)

Bottom line is that we're enjoying ourselves.

Be blessed in all that you do!

Feb 10

We have been acquainting ourselves with the area. We spent the day once again bird watching along a trail in Gulf Shores State Park. We probably walked about five miles in the process.


































We saw a large alligator, who was a little way off. As soon as he saw us, he edged his way into the swamp and started swimming toward us. Every once in awhile, he would poke his eyeballs above the water and I imagined him to be licking his lips as he surveyed the four of us. Our friends are fairly thin so Ed and I figured we were the most delectable looking ones and quickly moved on down the path.:)


There had been a fire here last June started at a campsite in the state park.  Evidence of the fire still exists.











This looked like a pine tree pretending to be a palmetto plant! 












Saw a few birds.  Yes, that's a bald eagle... 
















Later that day we went to Pensacola, FL to check out the bright white beach sands and eat at a nice fish house  - the Flounder's in Gulf Breeze.  Ed's enjoying all the fresh fish that he can. We had clam chowder, flounder and coconut shrimp. Yummy! We also visited the Naval Air Museum where the Blue Angle precision team is based. It is quite an impressive array of aeronautical history and memorabilia. In fact in one and one/half hours, we barely touched it. Hopefully we'll get to go back.













Terry and Alicde below, as well as the triple layer key lime pie we had at  the restaurant!














That's us......













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