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Feb 2, continued

More pictures of the Gulf Islands shore:














































 Feb 3

On Friday, Feb 3 we took a circuitous route to arrive at our destination, Camp Baldwin Alabama.  This is just east and south of Mobile.  We passed by the USS Alabama, a battleship from WWII which is a tourist stop.  Maybe we'll make it back up to see it.  Passed by a store that was called " Dirt Cheap", and another called "This'll do".  I should keep note of the many crazy signs we see:)

 Anyway we are here.  There are 4 SOWER couples and about 6 couples with Campers on Mission.  The project for the men involves  construction of a new conference center and sleeping accommodations.  The buildings are up and the work will be to complete the inside.  I'm not sure what all we ladies will be doing.  



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