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Tues Jun 19

From Wakonda to Keokuk Iowa, where we found a McDonald’s to do our internet stuff.  Up the road using business hwy’s to Ft Madison.  Enjoyed the historical museum at the train station, then had a local meal: breaded tenderloin at the 10th Street Station. Enjoyed going north through the countryside towards Muscaline, then east about 10 miles on 22 to the COE Shady Creek Campground.
























Didn't see too many tugboats on the Mississippi, but here's one.








Wed Jun 20


Off to the Quad Cities, and first stop was the John Deere Pavilion in Moline.  We were especially impressed with the automated tractor which required no operator. Then there was the 6-legged timber harvester that actually walked on the 6 legs over rough terrain instead of wheels or threads. Great show with much in the way of new technology, including this new version of the engine that didn’t have a muffler (cooled exhaust gas recirculation, followed by filters to remove particulates).  Also took a short walk on the riverfront in Moline. 

Got back in the truck to drive north on the Illinois side of the river and stopped for lunch at a roadside and boat launch in Rapids City, Illinois, where the normally north-south running river makes a turn to the west before heading south again,  Stayed the night at the Blanding Landing COE park.  Lots of gnats, but also fireflies at night – the first we’ve seen on this trip.















































The working end of the walking harvester.












Great places to spend the afternoon and evening















Thurs Jun 21

Stayed a few hours in the city of Galena this morning – an old mining town (lead) that got wealthy on the early 1800’s.  Over 85% of the towns buildings are on the National Historic Register. Stopped at COE Blackhawk.  Had a long talk with a gentleman who works for the Florida State Parks in the winter,
















Did you catch the horse in the picture on the left?





Something for the boys:





































Again, a great way to spend the late afternoon and evening








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