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Sat July 14

Loons on the lake













It's last day of camp and there are review sessions on the Points campers and parents. Campers belongings ready for pickup on the ball field.






















No, that's not a camper in teg last picture.  Patty found this "chicken"...


Sunday July 15

A quiet day.  Went to church at the Log Church again, and basically came home to rest.  Here are come pictures of the deer that come around to the camp.












Mon - Thurs, July 16 - 19 (last week at camp)


The guys got 4 helpers on Monday - 4 youth serving as counselors at the camp with a week off to work.  Got a lot accomplished.


First look at the finished walls:
























And here is this week's work:





























AND... the finished projects:





















There's Ray and our teen helpers happy it's over:













Thursday July 19


This evening, the camp treated us to a pontoon boat ride through the Whitefish lakes to Crosslake for ice cream at the Dairy Queen.



















Dorothy and Roy, Karen and Bob, and passing Chris Craft speed boat.  WINDY!












 A perfect end to a perfect day...











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