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Fri, July 13


Day off today. so we decided to do the Paul Bunyan trail around the Whitefish lakes.

You remember Paul Bunyan.  Here is a near life sized model at one of the local restaurants.  He actually was 100 feet tall.














We started at the top of his map, went right to 66, down 66 to 16. made right to 371, left on 371 to 11, then left on 11 and again on 3 up to 66 and home. 


Here are some signs along the Paul Bunyan Trail.  Hopw you like them as much as we did.


Hope you can read them.  If with some difficulty, click on them to make them bigger.


































































































































Here are some other things we saw along the way.  How's these first two pictures for the perfect trail?












Of course, flowers...















In Pequot Lakes, home of the bobber water tower, there is this ice cream store that you can't resist...












And always an occasion to catch a dragon fly.













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