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Jan 28


Stopped at Cedremort Point State Park for lunch.  Free entrance (over 62) and free wifi.  Caught up on internet. 






Last night, Ed had found a park listed that had a hot tub and swimming pool, in Gibson on way to Houma.  Sounded great but somehow the address and telephone number was wrong.  We looked and couldn't find it, and Ed was really bummed.   We headed on down the road and I reminded him that God always seems to have surprises waiting that we didn't know about.   Well He did. 

We ran across a wildlife nature trail to walk on and while there we met a cajun couple who were so fun.  They were telling us all about Mardi Gras and how fun it was with the floats and all.  Anyway they sent us on into town to the Houma Terrebonne Civic center, telling us it would be a free place to stay, and it was.....and so much more.  

 There were already four big fifth-wheelers there circled together.  We checked in with them to make sure it was ok for us to be there and of course they said sure.   But even better, they were getting ready for a big get-together that evening and invited us to join them.  They were cooking jumbalaya along with lots of other dishes (sausages wrapped in bacon, meatballs, several king cakes, like a huge donut filled with strawberry jam, bavarian cream, pecan praline, etc.) and invited us to join them. Many others joined in as the time went by.  Most of them were drinking some, but were just having a good time. 

 At about 7:00 the big event started in the civic center.  They kept saying they wanted us to join them but that the tickets were all sold out.  Then two tickets miraculously showed up (I think it wasn't all on the up and up...oh well) so we we able to go after all.  These were ladies that would be on about 20 floats with 20 per float.  So about 200 ladies and their husbands.  They were dressed as representing different countries and there was a great procession.....more eating...and a band and dancing.  They all wanted us to come back next Saturday, because the men were to have a similar dance party,  but that one was to be formal with tuxedos and ball gowns.  Their Mardi Gras parade was to take place on February 11.






The last picture is one of Patty (front) with all of the ladies in the group we were in.

We met Tim here, a  Christian gentleman who was world-travelled with Haliburton, now disabled, who told of his new cabin in the Carolinas, and invited us to come visit.

We wore out about 10:30 and went home.   They were so very nice and hospitable.  We had a great time. I think they lasted until at least midnight:)


 Jan 29

Today we spent the day following various bayous (down Bayou du Large, then cross over to Little Caillou, up to 24, then down)......lots of houses on very high stilts and boats of all sizes and descriptions.  We ended up in Grande Isle State Park at the end of a very long spit of land which sticks out way in the Gulf of Mexico.  There is a large vacation community here. We are surrounded by sea and marshland.  Lots of seabirds and ducks.  We plan on being here two days.  It will be good to take a break from driving.  We have wifi and hot showers, what more can you ask for?

Some pics around the place: Great big beach....











Saw all of these birds on a sand bar just about 100 yds from shore.  Next picture shows a closeup - gulls,  skimmers mostly.













































Lots of Mexican hat floweres, and occasional "boats" carrying supplies to the offshore rigs.



Jan 30

Enjoyed the second day here.  Did lots of walking.  Saw birds, a baby alligator and a porpoise.

Jan 31

Took towards mainland.  After crossing the 8-mile bridge from Grande Isle, just under the bridge is a restaurant called Leeville Seafood, where we stopped for lunch.   Ed had shrimp etoufee and grilled halibut, and Patty had jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and batter fried with a baked potato and salad. Was a good decision.

Stayed at the WalMart just south of New Orleans, in Marrero.

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