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Jan 25

Rainy, thunderstorms, dark most of today.  Drove through historic downtown, and left Galveston about noon, and travelled east using the ferry to Bolivar peninsula.  We had to miss the first ferry because we had to empty our 1 gallon gasoline tank and fill it with water! Note the ocean vessel in our way.























We then drove east along the Gulf shore, eventually part of the Creole Nature Trail. We saw some roseate spoonbills on our way...

Stayed the night at the Wal-Mart in Port Arthur.












Jan 26

Nicer day. Decided not to go to Sea Rim State Park, instead took 82 through to Palmetto Island State Park.  Saw a few birds today.  The state park is nice, and we found that most Louisiana state parks have free wi-fi, free showers and free laundry.  We took advantage of all three…























Jan 27


Enjoyed the morning at PISP.  No alligators!

We had a lot of fun the next few days!  We visited the Tabasco Co. production plant in Avery Island, the Jungle Gardens (part of the Tabasco property) and then the Konrico rice mill in New Iberia, LA. 








The gardens were filled with many varieties of camelias this time of year:

























And the live oaks are very big here:














Didn't get to see the snowy egrets (they arrive in March), but saw him:












While in New Iberia, we asked where to get some good Cajun cooling, and we told to go to Bon Cajun.  We had some good sausage and chicken gumbo!  Brought home a big piece of bread pudding as well.

We bought a jar of their chili starter that you just mix with hamburger (we used turkey) .  We cooked that up tonight and added some brown rice and it was sooooo good!

Spent the night at the New Iberia WalMart.


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