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Sept 16 - Holland and Ottawa Beach


A drive day down the side of Michigan - to get to Michindoh for  Sowers reunion in Hillsdale. 

Stop on the way down the beaches of Lake Michigan.






Got to Ottawa Beach and Holland and stopped. 

We judged that this was the best beach we had visited.  Expanse of clean sand and clear water, harbor activity, lighthouse, etc. See for yourself:










Sept 19 -   Michindoh, OH - Sower Reunion


During this week, we attended a Sower reunion at Michindoh, a Christian conference Center and Camp in Hillsdale OH.




Some new additions - a western town and Indian territory.



This is the dining room we worked on in 1999, building the joists, and the plaque in there expressing appreciation for the Sowers.







We had about 50 couples attending, has programs and meals together, with lots of reminiscing.


Sept 19 - Lincoln Birthplace - KY


Foggy morning



Down the Lincoln hwy (birthplace, boyhood home, church, school - 35E) in Kentucky, we stopped at the National Historical Park of Lincoln's Birthplace.

     A picture of Lincoln made from Lincoln pennies.


His bible




    Inside a replica of his birthplace log cabin.


Sept 22 -a Bluebird




Sept 24 - Cypress Swamp on  the Natchez Trace - MS


Through Kentucky on 31E, into Tennessee to see friend in Jackson TN, and then down to Natchez Trace towards Jackson, Mississippi.   On the way, in MS, we stopped at a cpress swamp.







MOSQUITOS! WOW! Glad to see this dragonfly.  Did you know the favorite food of the dragonfly is the mosquito, both the larva and the adult.




Stopped for the night at a campground, actually a state park, in the middle of Jackson MS.














Sept 26 - Home


Home to find these red geese in our front yard.  It started out with pink flamingos, but someone stole them, so they painted these geese red.  When you are away and come back, you get "goosed".




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