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Saturday, Sept 08 - Log Slide and Grand Marais, MI


  Saw this.  Could you identify these maples?


Masisve sand pile called the log slide, used by lumber operations a century ago to slide logs into the water for transport. 

Sky was funny today and got some great pics.



   Looking back at the Au Sable Lighthouse.


  Grand Marais, MI harbor.


Sunday, Sept 09 - Tahquamenon Falls State Park and Whitefish Point

This state park had three locations- upper falls, lower falls and rivermouth.  Campgrounds at upper falls and rivermouth.




  Found a postcard with the pasty recipe.  Had a few here on the UP. Secret is the rutabaga.


  Isn't this a great poster?  We went there later, but did not like what they wanted to enter the museum.


Now the waterfalls we saw today:





     Really a great place.


Whitefish Point



We decided to take a left at Paradise to go up to Whitefish point, especially after we saw the poster on the shipwreck museum.  Nice place, but they wanted a group ticket for the museum, the lighthouse and several other buildings, and we declined.  Here's what we saw outside.









How about this frog amongst the colored rocks?




Monday, Sept 10 - Whitefish Bay


Out of paradise we drove south and then took a county road, the Whitefish Bay Scenic Byway, that traced the southern tip to Lake Superior on Whitefish Bay, then down and east to Detour Village. Now we can say that we have driven all of the American side of Lake Superior from Grand Marais, MN to Duluth to Detour (east of Mackinac bridge).





Some beautiful scenes along the way.


  Beach as far as you can see.




Nice rock wall, and you can see below where they got the rocks for that wall.  Notice how the "plain grey" rocks show color when wet.





  the great Soo






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