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Mar 1


Great news....the sun is out and it's about 73 degrees. We left Camp Baldwin on Monday and purposed to spend a day or two on the beach before heading north. It rained. It stayed cool and windy so north we went on into Alabama. We picked out three state parks to stay at as we headed toward Nashville to visit our daughter, Fiona, before heading home. Anyway Park # 1 Beach....rainy and cloudy: Park #2 Cheaha State Park, cloudy and a major storm with lots of rain. Now at Park #3, Lake Guntersville State Park,  there is sun and promise of more sun. They say no storms until tomorrow evening so we're living it up.

We actually did a good bit of hiking yesterday and hope to do so today(we just got here). Lots of rolling hils covered with spring blooms in pinks, whites, yellows and reds. Glorious! I am sitting on the deck of the Lake Guntersville State Park lodge looking out across this beautiful lake, listening to birds happily singing to me.











Views from the lodge:



Swimming pool, anyone?



























Last April this park was hit by a major tornado with extensive damage. Trees broken and strewn everywhere. (See photo of campground). It's like life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a storm of major proportions, we hunker down (pray) and watch for it to pass over (God's provision), then once again the sun comes out and the birds are singing (we praise God for all that He has done and is going to do).

Look for Him in the storm and hang on:)

Look at the marvelous flowers on the trees:











Rooms inside the lodge:





Then, we were treated to visits of very friendly dear:



















Mar 02

Today, another interesting adventure.  We left Lake Guntersville State Park towards any one of three state parks before turning to Nashville area on Saturday morning.  The radio was telling us of some major tornadic activity and high winds north of Huntsville, so we starting up US 72 following the Tennessee River in a NE direction, parallel, or so we thought, to the storm movement.  By the time we got to Kimball near Chatanooga, the storm had shifted to a more easterly direction, and heading towards us.  We stopped at a Shoney's restaurant for their breakfast buffet (still as good as always, and of course, when in doubt what to do, eat!)  As the storm approached, the restaurant staff started shuffling us first to the back of the restaurant away from the windows, then into the kitchen, before they decided that there was an all clear. Then the sun came out!

We continued northwest for a while, and stopped at Tim's Ford State Park in Tennessee.  The weather was fine until we started looking for a camp site after paying the regustration fee.  Then it started pouring, with hail at times.

Later in the afternoon, the rain cleared, and we had an opportunity to take a long walk on the trails. Other than a motorhome, we were the only camers in the park.  A trial led to a large picninc area with several  nice pavilions and plenty of parking spaces. Looks lioke a nice place for company/church/school picnics/outings. 

Slept well until the cold front came through in the middle of the night.  In the 40's in the am.  


Mar 03


Came into Mt Juliet about 10:30 to visit Fiona and Sandy for the weekend.  Went to Franklin early afternoon with them for some shopping, followed by a great soup and sandwich bakery, then to attend a play called The Miracle Worker, the story of Helen Keller and her teacher Annie.  The part of Helen was played by a 10-yr old girl who gave an outstanding performance.


Mar 04

Went to Fiona's church in Smyrna, one which we enjoyed very much.  Fiona is part of the praise dance team.  The pastors are great people.


Mar 05-06


Left am towards home.  About 3 pm, decided to stop in Arkadelphia, Arkansas at the Wal-Mart there for grocery shopping and parking overnight.  Came home about 12:30 Tuesday.



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