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Wednesday, August 22

COE Big Sandy

Interesting place.  Beautiful campsite. Good history.  This is the lake that comes from the western side of the Savannah river, and flows into the Mississippi..  The Eastern side flows into Lake Superior.  There is a 6 mile portage between them, and in the years 1750 to 1850 or thereabouts, French voyageurs used the portage to bridge the Great Lakes with the Mississippi river.









  Beautiful blue spruce.

Thursday, August 23 

Savannah Portage

We travelled to the Savannah Portage State Park.  Saw some trumpeter swans along the way.  Also our first fall color!










The last picture is of pitcher plants in the bog along the portage trail.


       More color...


Duluth Harbor

      Now we know why it's called Duluth.

We stopped at Grandma's for lunch


      Look at that family...No wonder the plate says I Love Math


Skyline Parkway in Duluth





This last picture is on Hawk Ridge, where up to 10,000 (yes, 10 thousand) raptors mostly hawks of all kinds fly by on a typical day in the first couple of weeks in September. Today, it was too warm and the wind was coming from the wrong direction.  Last week, there were  thousands .





Interesting rock formations in a stream along the drive.


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