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Saturday, August 18


We finished our Sower project on Thursday the 16th, and were staying at Camp Dellwater until monday.  Today, we went to Itasca State Park which encloses Lake Itasca the headwaters of the Mississippi river.  A nice visitor center, a 2-hour boat ride on Lake Itasca, and hikes to see the CCC buildings and the source of the Mississippi kept us busy all day.

Here are some shots of the visitor center (left) and the CCC lodges.























Patty at the stairs and walls of stone.












This is the Old Timer's Cabin. See how the walls are only three logs high.  The old pictures shows the CCC constructing the cabin from downed trees.












Letters from young men in the CCC:
















Our tour around the lake:












The captain said we were sure to see a loon and possibly an eagle.









People at the mouth of the Mississippi at the end of the lake.



And the next pictures were taken when we got off the boat and went to the mouth .



























Saw this on the way out.











Stayed for a brass concert later in the evening.






Quite an eventful day. Not shown here is that we met with Bob and Karen Lovell and their two grandchildren at about noon, had lunch and toured the museum together.




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