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Friday, August 28 - Mt Hood, Multnomah Falls and Portland Arboretum, continued


Another view of Mt Hood, going north on 35.  Doesn't this picture look like it was painted with water color?




Multnomah Falls, one of our favorite places.












If you take the road closest to the Columbia River going west, you can see several boathouse communities.








We spent a couple of hours at the Portland/Washington park arboretum.

Saw many big trees on the route we took. 










Saturday, August 29 - Hillsboro Farmers Market and Air Show

Staying in Hillsboro with Scott and Vic and son Adam for a few days.  Farmers market in the am, and air show in the pm.






Flowers downtown Hillsboro.








Flowers for sale.


Ed, Patty, Adam, Vic and Scott.







Long time since we saw a log train...

OK, next the air show in the pm:





Just some of his toys.



























This was a surprise - a car eating robot...




And the Thunderbolts...















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