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Monday, Sept 1

Drove from Bandelier through Santa Fe, then south to Carrizozo and east to Capitan.  About two miles past Capitan, we turned north on a dirt road towards Capitan Gap up 6 miles to the Lone Tree  Bible Camp. At 6900 ft. elevation.  Beautiful here.  We will be here for three weeks doing a Sower project. 


Tuesday, Sept  2

We meet with Frank and Sandie Allen, whom we met at Colorado Springs, and Jim Kelly, Sowers.  Jim has been here since May making preparations to build an amusement park-sized water slide. BIG.  Starting platform will be 40 feet high, and the slide is mostly enclosed. The camp bought the slide in pieces as salvage, and people were working all summer to make changes to the pieces and to construct new towers and platforms to make it fit the space in the camp.  Lots of calculations.   


Tuesday, Sept 2 to Friday, Sept 19






























































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