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Monday, June 30

In the a.m.. Ed was cold - we forgot to pull up one of the flaps on the tent, and the temperature was in the low 40's!  We broke camp early and headed up Forest Service Road 300 (here called Rampart Range Road), again a dirt road, all the way up, not far now from Denver,  to a place where we were shown in our rock hounding book that we would find some nice rocks.  We did! 

Here is a scene on this road:








Then we drove further up 300 to Forest Service Road 502 (Jackson Creek Road), which was a dirt road with many hairpin turns down to County Road 105 (Perry Park Road).  Here we turned south looking for Red Rock Road West where we were to find a golf course where we would again find nice rocks on the hillside where the road for the golf course was cut. 




What a golf course!

We saw little rocks there, but enjoyed views of the area - really an area for the very rich.




On the way south, back on 105, we stopped in the town of Palmer Lake at a coffee shop and had a great time with another couple.  We then continued on 105 to Interstate 25, then south to home in Glen Eyrie.  About 300 miles total, more than half on dirt roads!








We thought we had it for camping, but believe it or not, after a good night's rest in our beds, we were ready for more travel the next day!


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