FALL 2006                November, Page 2

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November 4 - Canton First Monday

We had another opportunity to take the Simmons kids out to the Canton First Monday Flea Market.  we stayed in the section which has animals for sale.  It was better than the zoo!








November 11 - Amelia 7th Birthday

Travelling, travelling.

The following week, we went back to San Antonio for Amelia's 7th Birthday.  Actually, it was going to be on the 25th, but we were not abe to go there then. No problem...Amelia enjoyed opening up her gifts.




November 12 - Amelia at the Skating Rink








The next day, Derek and I took Amelia and Eleanor to the roller skating rink.  Amelia did very well...look at her limbo!  Eleanor was happy getting her 2nd (or was it 3rd?) banana for the day.   Never saw anyone who liked bananas more.

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